How does it work?

In the modern recording industry, online sound mastering or online post production has become a fairly common service due to the perfect combination of high professionalism of sound engineers in such online studios, as well as simplicity and ease of access to quality mastering via the Internet.
The expert online mastering is the best option for musicians, sound engineers, recording engineers and DJs who are focused on the commercial success of their work and a professional approach to creating a truly high-quality music product according to the world standards of show business.

How does online sound mastering work?
The traditional principle of the work of such a professional service for the final online processing of sound recordings can be described by a following roadmap:

  • Preparing, archiving and uploading a file;
  • Prepayment;
  • Direct performance of work by the sound engineer;
  • Providing a finished version and, if necessary, making adjustments;
  • Delivery of the processed soundtrack.

Upload your track directly to the website of our online studio in standard audio recording formats. The most optimal for these purposes can be 24- or 16-bit audio files lasting no more than 10 minutes in the format 44100 Hz WAVE or AIFF, which allow the best result in track mastering.

It is very important to leave the volume level of your record at peaks approximately in the range from -8dB to -6dB. In addition, you should disable limiters, compressors, equalizers and saturators on the master bus, as well as disable dithering and make sure that the soundtrack does not clip. If necessary, inform the audio engineer who will perform audio mastering online, about the present ISCR codes and CD text.
After completing all the above preparations, archive the track in an archive file of the standard ZIP or RAR format and upload it using the special form on our website.
The next mandatory step in the carrying out the online mastering is the payment for the work to be performed in accordance with the selected type of services, using a convenient electronic payment system.
After receiving the payment and the mixed audio record, an experienced and skilled mastering engineer of our studio will perform a full audit of the soundtrack for compliance with the required conditions.
Within five working days, we will carry out high-quality professional online mastering of your audio record in accordance with the world standards of the recording industry.
You can also place an urgent order to be filled within three working days. In such case the price of work shall be increased by 30%.
The entire technological process is performed on the advanced studio equipment of the new digital generation, as well as with the application of the classic mastering equipment, which has the best reputation and is widely used in leading recording studios.
It is important to realize that even professional sound mastering online will most likely not be able to correct certain mistakes made while mixing the track, which means that you should pay great attention to each stage of production of a commercial audio product.
Upon the completion of the whole scope of work, we will provide you with a ready track, which you can return once for revision or correction of any discrepancies.

As a result of our professional online mastering, you will get a high-quality music product in WAVE format (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) or any other formats specified when paying for an order, which specifications will fully comply with the standards of the global recording industry.