Top 5 questions

1. What is a professional online audio mastering?
The final processing of music or post production is of great importance for ensuring high quality and purity of track reproduction in accordance with the world standards of the recording industry. Such a process is an indispensable condition for achieving the commercial success of a musical product.
In the process of mastering, obvious defects, inconsistencies and misalignment of tracks, which are often observed when recording at separate time intervals and at different recording studios, are eliminated, if possible.
All the works are performed by a skilled mastering engineer on advanced professional equipment. At the same time uploading of the audio files, payment for services and delivery of the finished project are carried out through the Internet which is convenient for the customer.
As a result, a completely assembled album with necessary track fading is created, ready for replication in accordance with the requirements of the Red Book CD standard.

2. What is the difference between mastering and mixing?
It is naive to believe that making a commercially successful music album consists only of recording vocals and instruments, as well as mixing all the tracks in one track with the addition of effects and the elimination of defects.
For achieving a finished audio product that meets the world standards and the demands of show business, it is necessary to carry out high-quality professional mastering.
Unlike mixing that includes the processes of cropping, assembling and saturating with effects, mastering is adjusting to the necessary sounding of the finished audio record in accordance with the stylistic direction of the tracks or the album.

3. How to order online mastering of audio record?
The order of the final processing of audio record by professional mastering engineers is carried out according to the traditional scheme, which includes:

  • Preparing audio record according to studio requirements;
  • Archiving and uploading an audio file directly to our website;
  • Prepayment in a convenient way.

Within five working days we will deliver a finished version of the processed audio record, into which you can add once clarifications and your own corrections.
It is also possible to fill the order in three days with an increase in the price of the performed work by 30%. You can read more about the studio requirements from the audio track, and about the mastering process in the section "Online mastering. How does it work?".

4. What equipment is used for professional mastering?
The use of exclusively professional advanced mastering equipment makes it possible to provide an unrivaled result and create all the prerequisites for the commercial success of the album.